Founded by Nina A Rossi, N.Y.S. Licensed Funeral Director, CPT, and CET. Proud member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Women of Distinction, The Continental Who's Who, and The World Wide Who's Who Organization. Deciding to leave the corporate and family owned funeral homes behind in 2015, she created a different approach to what she believes a funeral should really be about; a celebration in honor of a life once lived.

Know Before You Go Inc.,(KBYG)is a new and unique FUNERAL CONSULTATION SERVICE offering consumer education, guidance and support before, during and after one of life's most difficult periods; the death of a loved one.

KBYG strives to create a comforting, pressure-free environment while educating consumers to the many options available regarding the selection of funeral goods, services, merchandise and their respective pricing. KBYG offers individuals and families the opportunity to PLAN AHEAD and create a PERSONALIZED SERVICE for themselves and those they love the most.

Know Before You Go, inc. Handcrafted Memorial Merchandise For People And Pets

 In the hopes of preventing each family from having to experience a day when they have to make important funeral decisions in a limited amount of time and the maximum amount of emotional weight surrounding almost any death. A  KBYG professional is prepared to immediately guide your family into providing a loving, dignified and BUDGET-CONSCIOUS service.

Know Before You Go Inc. (KBYG) is your source for guidance, planning, and educating families in all things funeral. KBYG is not trying to replace your funeral home of choice, but rather to enhance it.

A knowledgeable and informed consumer will make accurate, correct, and pressure free decisions. Know Before You Go will give you with that power. After your consultation you will be free to contact the funeral home of your choice and make your arrangements with your new found knowledge.


"Death is a bridge whereby the lover is joined with the beloved"

- Abd al-Aziz b. Sulayman

"Nina made a difficult decision and subject actually pleasant."

- Family from Flushing, NY

"I am very satisfied with my planner called Nina A Rossi"

- From Jackson Heights, NY

"Thank you for all your help getting through my husband's funeral"

- From Flushing, NY

"Nina was extremely helpful and I would recommend her service to anyone interested in prepaying funeral services."

- From NY metropolitan area

"I never rate surveys as 'excellent,' however, the representative’s performance was truly excellent."

– Preferred to stay anonymous


Providing Essential Funeral Knowledge Through Comforting Consultations.


Know Before You Go will be your first contact to start the process for a funeral arrangement.Each KBYG consultant is a LICENSED AND EXPERIENCE FUNERAL DIRECTOR dedicated to easing the stress associated with making final arrangements. Our COMPASSIONATE STAFF can arrange a personalized memorial service from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. All of these resources brought directly to you. Whether it be via in person, email, phone or video link, KBYG is always here to help. Our services are offered at a STANDARD FLAT RATE and that means our only interest is in fulfilling an individual's or family's final wishes, WITHOUT HIGH-PRESSURE SALES TACTICS and COMMISSION CHARGES.

At KBYG, we believe that when you are as unique and one of a kind as you are, then the story you share should be too. Each knowledgeable and courteous planning consultant will provide detailed funeral estimates covering every step in planning a funeral or memorial service. We will work with the funeral home, cemetery, or crematory of YOUR CHOICE and help you make INFORMED AND EDUCATED decisions during a difficult and emotional planning process.

You will learn all about the different types of services that can be available to you, choices in merchandise, what is and is not necessary, discounts or allowances that could be available to you, and even negotiating skills.​