Know Before You Go, inc. Handcrafted Memorial Merchandise For People And Pets

Know Before You Go, Inc. Welcomes you!

We'll guide you through the entire funeral process. Provide you with the ability to share with those most important to you, YOUR life story. Through no one's perspective but your own, you create not only a memorial service as unique and memorable as you are, but one that would help your family tremendously through the grieving process. Giving them a feeling of security in knowing that they get to be a part of your story instead of attempting to write it for you.

At KBYG, we create handmade and personalized memorials for those we love most; We encourage each family to share memories and ideas with us, so that together we can create an everlasting and unique keepsake that is as one of a kind as you. Each service, each keepsake, is especially made; "for our families, for our pets, and always from our hearts." -KBYG, Inc. 

Guidance in creating a memory and legacy as unique as you are.

Guidance for taking care of our extended members of the family.

Providing Essential Funeral Knowledge Through Comforting Consultations.

Guidance in creating personalized services.